As my mom often states,"This is a little bit of heaven." Many years have passed and the continual strive has been to use my talents to create a restful, beautiful farm for visitors to enjoy. With fishing in the pond and walks along the creek Lowrey farms is a naturalists dream. Half hour from town on 109 acres with views of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen this get away is a private oasis. 

Please email me at Lowreyfarms@gmail.com for all questions. Dr. Mark.
The farm is now producing retreats. Thanks to Rod Ciocho we have launched the farms first Yoga retreat, which was a great success. Consider joining us for the next one.
Please enjoy the pictures of the farm.
In 1999 Mark set out to find some property so he could start a little organic farm. That spring he found more than he had bargained for. Rather than a 20 acre plot with the idea of having a trailer until a straw bail house could be built, he found an old school house built on 109 acres in 1890. The school house has changed much over the years. First as a one room school house, please see the page entitled "School House History", at least once burned down. Then in the 1970's a second floor was added to make it more of a house. Finally in 1999, the start of a complete overhaul. The work on the house and grounds would last most of 10 years.
As a Chiropractor, since 1990, he always had an interest in organic whole foods and so an organic farm was a perfect fit. He loves the Bay Area and all it has to offer but being raised in Minnesota there was always a pull back to the country. He enjoys almost equal time Urban and Rural. From the pictures you can see why.
Much work over the years has been done on the property, the house, inside and out. The building of two green houses. Starting, growing and maintaining a one third acre market garden. Planting and cultivating 15 acres of cover crop every year. Constant buiding and maintenance of projects.Trenching and laying two miles of two inch pvc for field irrigation for a future crop of trees. Building a tractor shed. Fencing around 15 acres. Installing 6- 10,000 gallon water storage tanks on the top of the hill. Building outdoor sinks and showers for our  Retreat Center.The pond was rebuilt in 2008 to hold water 12 months of the year so to maintain a fish stock and  an alternative water source.
The south fork of Elder creek wraps the front property near the house. It is an old boundry line for American Natives, Nomlaki, that once inhabited the land. Views of Mount Shasta to the north; Mount Lassen to the east and Coastal Ranges to the west;  the Yolla Bolly wilderness area of the Medocino National Forest. A site to behold. The land at Lowrey farms is mostly rolling hills, a transitional area between the 9000' high Coastal Ranges and the flat of the North Valley. It has a mixture of Oak  and Pine trees mixed with Manzanita and California Buckeye. Cottonwoods along the creek. The orchard that has been built and nurtured is of cherries, pomegranates and persimmons totaling 200 trees.Sheep have been grazed on the property to keep growth down in preventing fire and cows have leased the back forty. Only a two and a half our drive from the Bay Area it is like no other with a very comfortable home during all seasons.Take a look around on this site for the history and photos it contains. Enjoy.